Custom Katana / Iaito 

Are you looking for a handmade Katana completely customised? Using the Custom Katana YariNoHanzo Configurator you have the chance to create your own Katana choosing every detail of the Koshirae, the type of steel, the kind of forging and the blade dimensions.

The options for the blade are limitless and you’ll be able to configure your blade according to the traditional forging methods used by Japanese artisans. Kobuse Kitae, Soshu Kitae, Honsanmai Kitae are just some of the forging examples available while making your own custom Katana YariNoHanzo.
Besides the forging method you can choose the type of Hamon you prefer and each single measure of the blade, length and thickness included.

Each blade can be made with Bohi, double Bohi suitable for Iaido and Tameshigiri, or without Bohi for the ones who prefer a more compact blade perfect for Tameshigiri practice.
For the creation of the Koshirae all the unique parts used on YariNoHanzo Katana swords are available, in addition to other exclusive materials such as the Tsuka Ito made of cotton or authentic Japanese silk.

The Tsukamaki is handmade by our European craftsmen who have several years of experience and can also suggest the better kind of Tsuka for your hands size. For the Tsukamaki of the custom Katana swords we always use Hishigami and the weave is always alternated.

We also offer a wide selection of Saya with different kind of lacquering, made of first quality woods and Kojiri, Kurikata e Koiguchi made of real buffalo horn.

Choose the Configurator that suits you best.


We are talking about the notorious Katana YariNoHanzo Configurator, appreciated by many enthusiasts and constantly improved and enriched with one-of-a-kind Koshirae. Using this Configurator you’ll be able to create your own blade with the forging method you want, choosing the Hamon and the dimensions you prefer.


Comparing to the Extreme Configurator you have a reduced selection of blades but you’ll still be able to pick your blade among the models offered, all forged according to the traditional methods such as Soshu Kitae, Kobuse Kitae o Maru Kitae. All blades are available with clay tempered steel and real Hamon or artificial Hamon.

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