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Koshirae inspired by Sakura No Hana (cherry-tree flower) for its tonality. 

Hinerimaki Tsukamaki, made with hishigami and kusune

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Purple colour Ito and black lacquered same. Polished brass Menukis with Sakura subject

Fuchi y koshira are made of polished steel

Purple lacquered Saya with white and lilac shades that recall the colours of the blooming cherry-tree


Elegant and unique koshirae completely handmade using the traditional Japanese techniques

Technische Daten
Nagasa :73 cm with Habaki
Hamon :Notare real hamon
Sori :1,8 cm
Tsuka :Tsukamaki Hinerimaki with hishigami and kusune.
Tsuka ItoIto Violet, Black Same
SayaSaya Chaishime
Fuchi / KashiraBrass
Steel1060 high carbon steel - Clay tempered

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